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GeorgeWHitler said:
You must not be familiar with my view on this subject, cause if so, then you wouldn't have made such a point. Considering I have had a long clear stance about the issues concerning time outs and other forms of gamesmanship.

No matter how shit it is and do I really need to give examples, liking serving for matches and calling the trainer for cramps etc etc, the thing is the other player still at the end has to concentrate on hitting the yellow round thing.
Like I said: whether it should get into the opponent's head or not is not the matter, the fact is that often or maybe sometimes, it does. Knowing this, players can use that for gamesmanship. It is well within their rights. Yesterday may not be a case in point. Still, 4-all, deuce, in the 5th is a strategic point.

I am not familiar with your view on this but it definitely reignited the debate during his two+ injury timeouts between the commentators courier mac and mcatee-- the cramps were loss of conditioning. others - some wta player- and llodra defaulted when that happened
1 - 4 of 180 Posts
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