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I got my car brakes, oil change. While I waited, I went outside and looked at the new and used cars. I love the new Honda Accords. I want!!! I'll wait until I have completed student teaching before I get another vehicle. I'll just drive this one until it falls down.

After that, some friends and I met to celebrate a birthday. We usually have a good time together, so it was good. We ate at Johnny Carino's over in the ritzy Hamburg area...the area near the interstate that is developing faster than mold on old bread. Then we went to Barnes and Noble to browse the bookshelves. I saw a book about Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton. Will these ladies run for the presidency in the future? That's exactly what this book is suggesting.

I'm now at home relaxing. Now that I don't have to hear that annoying grinding sound in my car and can rest assured that my car is ready for winter, I don't have to lay out that kind of money for awhile on my car. Well, that has been my day. Later...
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