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Hi guys, not much tennis going on so I thought I would share some posts from my page on here for discussion. I am a Tennis Coach and Player/Former i guess... I am fairly controversial on and off the court in my views and at times on court behaviour....Here is edition 1

Controversial Case #1

Over the next while I will tackle some controversial theories/opinions. I will start with a mild, less controversial tip as a warm up.

Case #1 - The Copycat

This is valuable for a player who does not get coached OR for a coach to use on their player, both I believe could have positive results. It is a style I have used as both a player and once or twice as a coach to a partial extent. Find a pro player that your game reflects on. Below is some examples....

* If u have a big serve - go study the game of a Isner or Karlovic. Study how they back up their serves and what tactics and shots they use to help out their serve. It could be that they serve volley, it could be that they look for a one-two punch. Whichever it is, by starting to watch and copy their actions, your concentration has already been boosted and you have a clearer game plan in your head. Furthermore, what do they do on return?? If their game is based around their serve, what is it they do on return? It might be they open up and go for their returns. It might be they look to get to the net. Rest assure if its what a pro is doing, its worth trying to replicate.

* If you are a Leftie - Go study a player like Shapovalov and look at what he does to utilise his unique quality. Watch out for what angles the player uses to open the court up using the opposite side.

* If you are a Counter Puncher - Watch players like Hewitt. Study the times they look to turn defence into attack and how they do it. Familiarise yourself with the patterns they tend to use to make this tactic work. They are some examples of tactical cases of "copycat mode" .

I personally used it on a technical basis for myself in the past and a client or two. I would watch a player so much that it began to become easy to pretend to be them on the court.

Have you ever seen a person do an impression of someone? Usually they tend to slightly look like the person as they do it (they also feel like the person while doing it, which allows for the accuracy of the impersonation). So why can't this be done for tennis?? IT CAN. I have hit aces using the service motions of Roddick,Hewitt,Cilic,Nadal,Monfils and Murray. I'm sure I am not the only one who has done this. If it can be done for serves it can be done for groundies and tactics.

The main point here is that it is very important for a player to WATCH a lot of tennis. There is a lot to learn visually. You might not even know you are learning it. The next time you see someone near the back fence and you are about to hit a shot, you will remember those clay matches you watched and proceed with a drop shot at the right time. It is also important to be creative and be able to play a number of styles. In practice you could play set 1 like Federer, set 2 like Nadal and set 3 like Djokovic. (3 sets because you would lose set 1 as only Federer can play like Federer :) ) Let me know your thoughts and if you have ever done this already.

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Can I post here that Gasquet for his bh alone deserved a Slam without Big3? Guess it’s controversial enough

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