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In hiding.
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Here's a song by some unknown artist, but I like the lyrics:

My thoughts are slow
My heart is racing.
I can’t run away
From this obstacle I’m facing.

I never though it’d be so hard
To say a word
In my mind I’ve done this hundreds of times
I just wanna be heard

You don’t have to say a thing
Your eyes will show me
If you look into mine
They scream please just hold me

Please hold me and don’t say a thing
I just wanna listen to your heart sing
I don’t want this night to ever end
Please stay with me, let my soul mend

The stars are gone
But I can hear your heart beating
I ask myself
What is this I’m feeling

It’s hard to explain
But it’s clear
When I’m with you
It’s love I feel

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since you don't have comments yet, let me just say (repeat actually ;) ) that I really like that. :) :hug:
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