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It's very calm at work at the moment, so we decided to clean up the agency. We live at 5 in the same place so it's good sometimes to clean it up. I cleaned my part of the office and I was very happy :banana: I always like to keep everything, but I think in 6 years at the same place, I kept so many magazines :lol: It's more pleasant to work in that kind of place :)

What I'd like, is to be at the US OPEN next week. I don't understand why I can't have any holidays during that period, it's sooooooooo calm :sad: Well, we'll try to ask next year.

I was a bit depressed during last week-end, now I feel a little bit better :) I was happy for Fernando's result in Cincy though. Once a year, there's a moment when the mental is not at its best, and I even don't know why :lol: I think I need holidays but don't know where to go :confused:

I'm thinking seriously about the TMS Madrid, I found the air tickets and the hotel, now, I have to submit it to my friend. Sad, that we can only go for the week-end but that's the life, at least, we'll be there a couple of days and Madrid is a great city.

Regarding my holidays, wanted to go to Spain, there are still places I haven't visited yet. Last year, I visited for two days San Sebastian, and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot, as I love the french Pais Vasco, wanted to visit the spanish one. We'll see...

On friday, I'm off :banana: and on saturday, I'm invited with other colleagues to one of our colleague's house to have lunch. It will be good to meet eachothers outside the office and don't talk about the work. I like the new team, there are young people and the atmosphere is better than it was before, at least, between us everything is ok. There are still two persons who are a part, two persons part of the old team (the former managers), there is a kind of jealousy from the girl of my ex boss, which makes the atmosphere not very good sometimes, at the moment, she's on vacation but will be back on monday :sad: Hopefully, then, she has to go abroad for the work :banana: On sunday, I plan to stay at home :zzz:

I hope that the draw will be good for my faves at the US OPEN. I cross my fingers !!

Tonight, it will be a real tv evening, with Koh-Lanta (a kind of survivor) and then, temptation island. I like Koh-Lanta a lot, it's very interesting, and you know a lot about strategies, and I like a lot strategies. I don't like Temptation Island, it's a bit stupid, but I watch it, don't know why :lol: maybe because I started to watch it. It's the last episode this evening. Well the only thing great is the setting :)
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