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today we opened our club for the new season, and we had an apero. seeing the clay courts at springtime...there is something so familiar about it and it gives such a nice feeling.
and it was a lovely day today...
i didn't play cuz i had 3 glasses of white wine and i was busy talking to the members whom i haven't seen since the end of last season, one of the girls i know gave birth and she had twins (they're 5 weeks old) and they came today and i could carry one of the babies and feed him. i called them the Bryan Twins and that they will be champs one day. :)

anyways, i am definitely playing tomorrow at 9 and tonight i am going out to have dinner at a Thai restaurant with other members, hubby is still in Ticino with his team and they are training for Interclub and will be back tomorrow afternoon.

what a beautiful day. the birds are chirping loudly in my balcony and looking for food (i always feed them), the blossoms on the tree just in front smells lovely.

:) :) :)
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