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i just read this wta thread about players throwing shade at each other. i want to listen now some male examples. bring them on!

for example, Fed on Murray
“He’s going to have to grind very hard for the next few years if he keeps playing this way. He tends to wait a lot for the mistake of the opponent,” said Federer. “He stands way far behind on the court and that means you’ve got to do a lot of running. I gave him the mistakes today but I think overall, over a 15-year career, you want to look to win a point more often than for an opponent to miss. That’s what served me well over the years but who knows, he might surprise us all and do it for 20 years.”

“I don’t think he’s changed his game a whole lot since I played him in the Bangkok final. Not that I’m disappointed but I really would have thought he would have changed it in some ways.”
Federer had some harsh words for Murray’s recent success in the 2011 Asian swing.
“I’m not taking anything away from what he did but was Asia the strongest this year?” he said. “I’m not sure. Novak wasn’t there, I wasn’t there and Rafa lost early. But it has been a good effort by him after losing to Kevin Anderson in Montreal.”
Fed on Novak
I don’t trust his injuries. I’m serious. I think he’s a joke, you know, when it comes down to his injuries
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