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Cincy Monday

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After almost two weeks of obstaining from Tennis gambling...I'm ready to sacrifice money again :p

Going with Willhill, who once again don't offer odds on some good matches (would put quite a bit on JCF and Kiwi if could) for tomorrow going only with Nalby * O.Rochus *Youzhny * Gasquet @ 3.03

Matches I would stay away from - Beck vs Novak, Henman vs Massu and Ancic vs Mello
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A few tips from my side:

Chela to beat Martin @ 1,32 (H2H is 3-1)

O. Rochus to beat Volandri @ 1.3

Gaudio to beat Robredo @ 1,67 (H2H is 3-2 (2-0 on hardcourt :eek: )

Mathieu to beat Haas @ 1,98 (Mathieu played great in Canada while Tommy has only played 2 matches since Wimbledon. H2H is 1-0. So it´s worth a shot).
5 matches i quite like so far and most likely play later also 2 leans!!!

1.Monfils over Stepanek!!
2.Davydnko over Grosjean!!
3.Mathieu over Hass!!
4.Beck over Novak!!
5.T/Johansson over Hrbaty!!

Leans on Coria over Srichapan and GG over Robredo,gee i wonder why Tommy????
Johansson has lost the last 6 matches with Hrbaty, in the last 5/6 years... and from those, about 5 were played on hard court! :eek:
Pawn said:
Johansson has lost the last 6 matches with Hrbaty, in the last 5/6 years... and from those, about 5 were played on hard court! :eek:
Thanks for the info,havent chesked the h2h but sonce you metnioned it now i like Johansson even more :rolleyes: going to see their previous h2h and check how many of those wins came from Hrbaty in the last 2 yr where Johansson was in n out through injury while Dominic has had a good couple yrs of good form???
still looking into it more but may stick to my gut instinct!!!
anyone know if Hewitt is still injured?

I'm liking young Andrew Murray tomorrow.....
My picks for tomorrow:

PHM @ 2.05
Gaudio @ 1.60
Gasquet @ 1.51
Murray @ 2.35
Hrbaty @ 1.66

All singles, and a small stake on the parlay of the 5 matches in groups of 4.
Pawn said:
I do know where to find the h2h Pawn just didnt checj it yet,usually i do but im just basing this game on gut feel,thanks again!!!!Both players lost to left hand opponents in their last game which was a coincidence!!Actually suprise on the h2h,thought it would be close and maybe Johansson infront but obvisouly not,it would of been interesting to see their last 2 matches h2h to get more of an idea
actually thought Thomas would have the upper hand in most departments but that doesnt seem to be the case!!

No info on Hewitt that i know,but i think his right to go!!!
Moya to beat Agassi after Agassi's hard fought match today looks quite tempting @ 2.88. Moya should be fresh but he hasnt played brilliantly lately, still tempting odds
Best Bet Monfils- Won his first Atp title and now playing the shit house Radek Stepanek who's gonna get a pasting by the former junior champ now showing his abilities!!!!
For me just rochus to beat volandri, pays $1.25 and gasquet to beat Lopez, pasy $1.50
Added JCF * Kiwi * Horna (don't let me down again Louis !)
Changing Best bet to Mathieu,but still rate Monfils highly!!!

6 units on PHM to rock Stepanek!!!
5 units on Monfils!!
3 units on Davydenko!!
2 units on Coria/Ljubicic!!
1 unit on Beck!!
1 units in T Johansson!!

Laen on GG,but no play since Tommy may come back an haunt me,recovery is still healing!!!
this topic is for MONDAY , alot of games mentioned by some users are tuesday . i think it would be wise to just stick to the games for today :)
sports freak said:
6 units on PHM to rock Stepanek!!!
PHM plays Haas...and Dice is right - this is a Monday thread :)
Don't go on JCF - Koubek seems to be in really good shape in qualies and it's seems that Juanqui had tough meetings with him before that - H2H 2-1 to koubek on HCS
Mello is leading over Ancic 4-1 H2H against Ancic !! 3-1 on HCS. Mario is in shitty shape.. mello will take it.
Too late for I just have to pray that Koubek remembers he prefers clay :rolleyes:
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