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Chucho Acasuso def Robredo 7-6 6-2

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:worship: :worship: Chucho

What a pleasure to see this result and to be proven wrong, he tried very hard to lose the 1st set tiebreaker.

He led 6-0 and blew 6 set points and then won it 8-6, then beat up on Robredo.

First time in a while he has won 2 matches in a row on a hardcourt.

Good luck in the next round against Horna, at least 1 player I like will make the quarters.
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This was a great result. No, I wasn't betting on him or anything, but the bias in Robredo's favor was just hilarious! It's no wonder the bookies are laughing their asses off at the sheer trigger-happy ignorance of public opinion.
It's not about the bets, however whoever took Acasuso would be laughing. I am laughing and I didn't have any cash on him.
congrats jose !!!!!!
your very first time in a third round of an AMS :worship:

but try to win easier :mad: :fiery: :smash:

horna vs acasuso will be a very close match. dunno who will win :scratch:
At least Chucho and Lucho should be on one of the main courts, which will be a good change.

Tough match next for sure and bad gambler where are you man? He said he would win and he did.
you rock my socks. Shame on me for doubting you
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I'm surprised this is Acasuso's first time winning 2 consecutive matches on hard. I think he had a chance to do the same a couple of years ago in TMS Canada but he choked majorly in a wacky, roller coaster of a match against Canuck journeyman Larose. It was so bad it was laughable.

Nice result and perhaps he can make it 3 in a row. :)
He has won 2 matches on a hardcourt before, but not for a very long time. Chucho is a strange and frustrating player, which makes me like him even more.

Both Horna and himself will have a huge opportunity to make a TMS quarter final for the first time. He has a very good serve, one Gilbert totally underrated, just hope he is awake to play.
Wtf Tommy?!
Tommy :sad: get ready for USO :hug:
Congrats José, your match vs Horna must be really tied, may the best win :)
:woohoo: :rocker: :smoke: :yippee: :bigclap:

DanEd said:
but try to win easier :mad: :fiery: :smash:
Naaahhh, that's just not his style ;)

I was quite doubtful too. He actually seems to be winning the matches I’m sure he'll lose, and losing those he should have won.

Anyway, I’m still in kinda worship mood for Chucho. Great revenge for Gaudio's loss and straight path to the qf. I don't want to underestimate Lucho, but it's time he left Ohio :wavey:
Vamos Lucho y Chuco.
Chucho/Lucho matchup on court 5? Watch for it, people.
good result. but i am never surprised when tommy loses a match he is expected to win!
:haha: Acasuso/Horna to make it to a Qf on hardcourts. Well done though, but this sectin was full to the max with dirtballers so someone had to make it through;).
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