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I don't know if evrybody of you know it, but on the site of the tournament there is a possibility to chat with the players. Yesterday you could chat with Hrbaty at 18.00. And I thought, for the people who want to know it, I can better say tonight there will be a possiblity to chat with Grosjean.
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I chatted with Dominik. It was cool and he answered a lot of my questions :D
Tonight 19.00u chat with Sébastien Grosjean!!
I wish i'd known about this earlier :(

Can we read the chat transcript anywhere?
There are no transcripts
where's the chat? how come the chat link on here dun work for me?
I wrote this in abracadabra

As I said I was on the chat with Dominik yesterday. I asked him all kinds of questions, like what his fave tournament is, his best friend on the tour, his best victory, the importance of fashion in tennis ( I know it's silly, but just had to ask ). He likes the tournament in Dubai and likes Roger. He liked his match against Sampras at RG 1997 (I think). Fashion is not important for him. I told him he was cute and he thanked me for the compliment. He's only playing doubles with Yevgeny on this tournament and he thinks Martina Navratilova is still a good player. He likes reading and listening to music, but he doesn't have a fave band.
It was cool and lasted like half an hour. Today there's a chat with Grosjean, but I don't know if I'll chat with him. It's at 7pm cet and that's when I finish work.
u can watch the roger/ thomas match now if u go to the chatroom!
real player needed
:( :( Now I read it too late, I was not online anymore during the Roger match :sad: :sad:
Hopefully I can see next match of him.
Tonight Raemon Sluiter will be in the chat. Great, then I can talk about soccer :D :D :D
I think at 2 o'clock they will show parts of the Roger/ Max match in the chatbox, but I'm not sure.
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