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Michael Chang, who is coaching world No. 5 Kei Nishikori, assessed how grass courts are playing today, compared to his playing days, in a chat with The American, who won his lone Grand Slam title as a 17-year-old in 1989 at Roland Garros, last played Wimbledon in 2002. His career-best result at the All England Club came in 1994, when he reached the quarterfinals.

“The mentality is very different,” Chang says. “I think when I was out playing, the big servers, the super volleyers, the super chargers had a little bit more of an edge because of the way grass worked for playing back then. But nowadays guys are playing from the back of the court on grass as if it's a hard court or clay court sometimes, and the ball's bouncing a lot higher and bouncing very true. The courts are not as fast as they used to be so no one's serving and volleying that much. So everyone's is in the same boat.”

Chang continued: “For somebody who plays from the back…they have to come in on a decent ball. You can't get away with a slice and a chip and a bluff kind of tennis. If you hit that kind of shot now and the ball sits up, you're toast at the net. It doesn't matter if it's on grass.”
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