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Ethias Trophy in Mons, October 1

Me and my friend Stephanie arrived in Mons at the station around 11 a.m., and it took us like 45 minutes to figure out where we had to go to lol. We walked into the right direction, but we took the wrong side of the road. But we got there eventually, thank Carlos. On centre court we watched a bit of Haase vs. Dupré. Haase had won the first set, Dupré the second, but the latter had to retire after a medical timeout. The following match was Robert vs. Tereshchuk. That one was pretty boring, so we went to see what was happening on court 1. We saw the final game of Ciric vs. Sirianni, and after that we went for something to eat. We saw Dick Norman walking around in the cafeteria all the time.

Next match on centre was Verkerk vs. Brown. That one was over with quickly, Brown’s serve and forehand were awful and hence he lost. Verkerk was being a real ass afterwards, because there was a little girl who wanted an autograph, but he refused, that f*** :mad:. And the poor girl was all disappointed. (Yes, Sjoukje, you were right :lol: )

Then we saw De Fays vs. Stadler. De Fays is a Belgian player I had never heard of before, but I must say that we were :speakles: after the first few games. He made some amazing shots, and could hold his early break. But after the first set his game fell apart and his negative attitude didn’t help him either lol. He lost the last sets 1-6 1-6.

When that was over, we went to have a look at court 1, where – oh thank you Lord Carlos of Moya! – Feliciano Lopez was practising. I took a few pics and Steph made two videos on her camera. He seemed to be in a good mood. I wanted an autograph on my Spanish flag (a good one this time lol) and so I started getting it out and I was sure he saw it. But when he was finished, he just left. So I had only one option: shouting his name lmao. I still don’t know where I got the nerve, cause I’m not really the bravest person around lol. He gestured to come to the sides, where he signed. He wasn’t really enthusiastic, but nice anyway. :) Steph took a pic of us from the seats, and well, the difference in tans was a bit striking lol :tape:.

The last match on centre was Zimonjic vs. Meffert, which was very entertaining. Nearly everybody was on Nenad’s side. We got there when he was serving for the set at *5-3, but he lost it in the tiebreak. He won the next set 6-3, and the final set was nerve wrecking. Steph and me were having a few heart attacks during that last one :lol:. He saved like 6 match points at *4-5 and *5-6, and finally won in the tiebreak. Nenad’s reactions were funny to see. Afterwards the crowd gave him a standing ovation and he was really pleased with it.

October 2

On Monday I went to Mons with my friend Raika, who’s not really a tennis fan, but she was curious to see how it was like to see live tennis. We got there a bit late, but we were in time to see Stadler vs. Zimonjic. I was on Nenad’s side again, but Raika said, meh, the German is better looking and besides, he’s German (she studies German and she's into German things and stuff lol). So she was cheering on her “Stadi”. Nenad won the first set 6-3, but then he became frustrated. He started yelling and talking to himself, and in the final set he trashed his racquet. Afterwards I saw some guy with that same racquet, and I gotta say, Nenad knows how to break it :lol:. Two guys were sitting next to us; a really good looking one and his friend lol. The latter turned out to be Karanusic; he was cheering on Nenad as well. And then, Janko Tipsarevic came to sit on the stand as well. (And as you may or don’t know, he was one of the reasons why I decided to go to Mons in the first place.) So when the match was over and he passed me by, I asked him for a picture. He was really nice, and put his arm around me (and so I did the same :angel: ) :inlove:. I really really really hope that pic turned out well :lol:, it was like the highlight of my day. (oh yes, coincidence or not, but my horoscope said I was getting a pleasant surprise that day :lol: ) Anyway, Stadi won, and he got himself a new fan :lol:. Maybe two, because I really liked to see him play. It was the best match of the day again.

Afterwards we went to centre, where Vico was playing Mertl. That was an awful match. The few games we saw all went to deuce, but it was so boring. Double faults and unforced errors constantly. On court 1 Marco Chiudinelli was practising with Desein, Masson and Behrend. I took a few pics of Marco. He was funny :lol: constantly talking to himself and joking around with his coach.

We watched the first games of the doubles match Inoyatov/Roitman vs. Desein/Masson and then we went to watch Sluiter vs. Bolelli, which was not really that special. Sluiter dominated, and that was basically it lol.

We went for something to eat and then some guys called me over to have a chat. In the beginning it was nice (they thought it was strange that I came over there just for tennis, and they asked me questions about politics, they wanted to know if I was a separatist lol. No guys, I don’t vote extreme right :lol: ), but afterwards the guy who was talking to me became really pushy, and the other guy was constantly talking (during the match Elseneer vs. Lisnard), so we went away and fortunately they didn’t come after us. And then we were off to the station again.

October 3

On Tuesday I went by myself. At first I was a bit hesitant to go alone, but it was nice anyway. The first match I saw was Stadler vs. Karanusic (that’s when I found out who he was lol). His hot friend was there again, but I didn’t find out if he was a player too. I don’t really know all of the lower ranked players. Karanusic wasn’t playing very well and Stadi was dictating. 6-2 6-2.

Then I went to centre to see Gabashvili vs. Behrend, who I got mixed up at first :lol:. Behrend has such an annoying grunt, so I decided to support Gabashvili, who is frankly a bit hot tempered. Fist pumping, yelling allez, come on, and the equivalent in what seemed like a dozen other languages :lol: He threw his racquet a few times, got pissed at a linesman when he didn’t agree about a call. I went away after he lost the first set in the tiebreak, but when I got back he was *5-0 up. Eventually he lost in the third set, which was pretty interesting to watch.

I stayed on centre for Lopez vs. Haase, but the first few games were so boring. Feli had problems with his serve and couldn’t keep the ball in, while Haase was serving really well. I went off to see Chiudinelli vs. Van Scheppingen. Sluiter was sitting on the stand quite close to me lol. It was an entertaining match. I like to see him play. After he won the second set, he had a medical timeout. I had seen him reach for his thigh/hamstring or whatever it was during the last games. Then I left to see the final set of Lopez vs. Haase, so I didn’t know who won (later I heard Marco still won :) ). Feli had won the second set in the tiebreak. When I got back he already had the break at *1-0. He had a few problems holding but won it in the end.

Then I went back to court 1, where Bogdanovic was playing Falla. Falla’s coach was sitting in front of me and annoyed me with his clapping and yelling vamos constantly :rolleyes:. It was of no use to Falla anyway, because Bogdanovic was too strong. There were some nice rallies though. At some point Feli came onto the stands to talk to his coach. He had some bright pink thingy in his hair lol. But he didn’t stay very long.

The next match on court 1 was meant to be not on before 4 p.m. but because Marco’s match and the one before that (Scherrer vs. Roitman) had lasted really long, the next match could start right away. That was a doubles match, Karanusic/Vico vs. Norman/Meffert. In the beginning it was crowded because there was no one playing on centre, but after a while they left to watch Olivier Rochus there. That match was pretty boring. The only interesting thing was that Chiudinelli was there watching it :lol:. I wanted to ask him for a picture, but before I knew that it was him walking past me, it was too late. :(

Then everybody left the court. I was sitting on the stand
:singer: all by myself :singer:
and one of the linesmen was grinning at me because I was feeling a bit ridiculous lol. Olivier was playing on centre and everybody wanted to see that of course. Me too, but I had already seen Olivier in Madrid last year and besides, I had to see Janko Tipsarevic play no matter what, even it if was doubles. He paired up with Christophe Rochus and they played Mertl and Zib. Fortunately a few more people came there to watch the match. The Czechs took a 5-0 lead quickly. Fortunately Janko could hold serve once, but they lost the first set 6-1. In the second set he was getting frustrated. He threw his racquet a couple of times and even his glasses once :lol:. At one point, he was serving and the Czechs had break point. He made a foot fault on his second serve and his reaction was funny. He was like “HA HA!” (it was a sarcastic laugh lol) and he started yelling things to the linesman and the umpire as well. Later on in the match he was still annoyed by the man, and he said some things in Serbian, but I meant to hear something that sounded like bitch :lol:. They had a 2-0 lead in the second set, but lost it 6-4. They seemed to have fun together, it was a shame they lost. That damn serve of those Czechs :smash: I shot like a whole film of Janko :eek: :lol:. Ok, a few were of Chiudi, I had like two of Christophe, and… I think that’s all :haha:. I left the expo right after that match had ended.

I had a great time there. I will have my pics on Thursday evening probably, so I'll scan and post them as soon as possible. :)
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