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The holiday get-togethers begin!

Last night, I celebrated my holidays with my sorors and friends from far and wide. It's always so nice to get back together every year, reminisce about people and places, and catch each other up on our lives.

My line of them looking to come back home to teach. She's a pharmacy professor in the northeast. A few other sorors are in other cities and states raising families, furthering/exploring career options, and being their beautiful, wonderful selves.

One of my resolutions is not only to stay active in my sorority but to strengthen my relationship with my sorors. They are like family to me, an instant network if you will, and I don't know if my professional life would be the same if I did not take the time to build and sustain those vital relationships.

On Saturday....I visited with more sorors. One of them is a professor/chairperson of the English department of a community college. We all sat around, ate, talked, and...once again...caught each other up on our lives. And, there were other people present-all relatives of the hostess. We all wound up having a great time!! At the end of the gathering, I asked everyone if we can keep in touch more often; we can't keep going through the years and not have some sort of contact. It's insane that we only see and hear from each other during the holidays-and funerals in the case of my line sisters and myself. We don't want to keep doing this! And my part? I will keep in touch, like I said I would-even if it's one email a week.
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