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Don't mind me; I should be sleeping.

Nadal = Ajax
F. Lopez = Paris
Agassi = Nestor or Priam. Definitely used to be Nestor, but after the USO where he sang Federer's praises in no uncertain terms, maybe Priam.
Federer has the domination thing of Achilles going, but he's much, much too nice, more like Hector. That makes Mirka Andromache, which is fine.
Safin = Achilles. Though too inconsistent in results and lacking confidence, he's closer in personality and the skill is definitely there.
If I'm making do with Safin as Achilles, Roddick has to be Agamemnon.
Haas = Nireus :tape:
Guga = Patroclus
I want to cast Odysseus as one of the magicians, Coria or Santoro. Santoro's too nice, so Coria.
Ferrero = Diomedes?
Davydenko = Menelaus?
Nalbandian = ?

The things my brain comes up with near midnight.
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