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I'm not a fan of many players. There are players I'm really fan, and others I watch without being a big fan.

My top players are : Thomas, Carlos Moya and Fernando Gonzalez.

Carlos :

I discovered him in 1996, during the MS Paris indoors, he was playing against Boris Becker. I really disliked Boris. In each generation, there's still one or two players, i really don't like. Boris was one of them, for me too arrogant and Stefan, for me, was the perfection :)
So, when Carlos defeated Boris, how happy I was, and I have to admit that Carlos was very charming :inlove:
I liked the way he played, different than the other spaniards. I was a fan of Corretja at that period, but I have to admit that it was maybe more for his personality than for his tennis. The game of that generation (Corretja, Costa...) was a bit boring to watch (mainly Costa). And, Carlos has another game, maybe more "modern". I was so happy when he won in Roland-Garros, in 1998, the year of the Football world cup in France. Carlos has always been a nice player with the fans, always fair-play and I was glad when last year, he won the Davis Cup. This year hasn't been a top year, it's maybe like that when you have been on top the year before. I really hope he'll continue at least a couple of years, he still have the tennis.


Fernando, the smiling face :) :)
I have to say that I was not a big fan of the Chilean players, mainly because of Marcelo Rios. I liked the way he played, but I disliked the player. When I start to follow the player, I attach a lot of importance to the personality of the player. If the player is not nice, arrogant, I can't follow him, even if he's the best player in the world, I can't. Maybe, I'm too sentimental :lol:
The good thing is that Rios, I think, made tennis popular in Chile, so he made good things finally :)

So, when I saw Fernando for the first time in Paris (MS Paris Indoors in 2002), I thought, "it's the new Rios", so I wasn't very motivated. He was playing against James Blake. So, I went to that match to see Blake, not Gonzalez. But, finally I enjoyed the match, players played a great match. Fernando lost :( Then, I decided to stay to see him in the doubles, he was playing with Andy Roddick. As, I wanted to see Roddick as well, it was a good opportunity. And, I saw a player always smiling during this double (Fernando), and I melted :love: , I thought "he seems different than Marcelo Rios, he always smiles". He was very cute. They didn't win the match, if I remember well, but it was fun to watch. I remember Fernando signed after the match, and I was very surprised :) :)

Then, the year after, we had the remake of that match (vs Blake) and Fernando lost again, but I was for Fernando that time, even if Blake is a player I like. So, each time, I go to a tournament, Monaco or Roland-Garros, I try to go and watch him. But, I have to say that a few years, I was following his results and since last year, I started to follow him seriously. I saw him this year in Kitzbuehl, and I haven't been disappointed. Very nice guy with people, he won Amersfoort the day before his arrival in Austria, and didn't behave like a star. Well, I had no regrets to come there and Kitz is a great place, in the Tyrol, within the mountains, it's also a mytical place. Even, if I had a few opportunities, I didn't talk to him, because, of my shyness :banghead: :banghead: It was terrible, cause he didn't get all the attention.

Fernando is talented, spectacular to watch, and he's a very nice guy (important), so I really hope that he'll enter in the top 10 soon. His challenge is to go to Shanghai this year. I really hope he'll succeed it. He would deserve it :)

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:wavey: I hope to see them both!!! Take some nice pics too!!! See ya next week!
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