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Well, rain delay, I have this match taped... so why not writing some notes while I watch?? Yeah, I AM bored. :p

Federer serves
Double fault. 0-15
Long rally, Canas tries approaching to the net, misses volley. 15-15
Big serve! 30-15
Another good serve. 40-15
Serve/volley play, Canas tries passing shot going wide. Game Federer 1-0

Canas serves 0-1
Federer unforced error on return 15-0
Roger plays great point, goes to the net, the tape helps Guille to fool Federer. 30-0
Federer unforced error on return again 40-0
Big serve, Game Canas 1-1

Federer serves 1-1
Second serve ace (slice) 15-0
Federer with great serve, kills it on an overhead. 30-0
Canas hits good return, but Federer takes control of the point to win it on a volley. 40-0
Federer u.e. on forehand. 40-15
Return winner for Canas (beautiful!) 40-30
Unforced error for Canas, Game Federer 2-1

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Canas serves 1-2
Good serve to Federer´s body 15-0
Kick serve, return hits net. 30-0
Fed forces the return, canas misses. 30-15
Roger slices the return and then misses passing shot attempt 40-15
Canas serves to Federer´s body again. Game Canas 2-2

Federer serves 2-2
Federer tries creating an ilogic angle, goes wide. 15-15
Canas u.e. on volley 30-15
Ace. 40-15 203 kmh :eek:
Canas misses return... Game Federer 3-2

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Canas serves 2-3
Serve to Fed´s body again. 15-0
Canas with inside-out shot, forces Fed´s error. 30-0
Ace 40-0
Federer ue on return. Game Canas 3-3

Federer serves 3-3
Roger puts Guille to run, wins with a volley 15-0
Ace 30-0
Double-fault 30-15
Good serve, but then he hits another stupid ue. 30-30
Ace. Great serve 40-30
Another ue for Roger 40-40
Canas time to ue Adv Federer
Good serve, return on the net. Game Federer 4-3

Canas serves 3-4 new balls
Return to the net... 15-0
Canas hits deep shots, forcing Federer´s error. 30-0
Winner with the forehand down the line for Canas 40-0
Ace game Canas, 4-4

Federer serves 4-4
Canas´return goes long 15-0
Great serve, 30-0
Serve and volley (2nd serve), very well done. 40-0
Sensational low dropvolley for federer! Game Federer 5-4

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Canas serves, 4-5
Ace 202 kmh :eek: 15-0
Ace again 30-0
Ace again! :eek: :eek: 40-0
Ace AGAIN!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: Game Canas 5-5

Federer serves 5-5
Good serve 15-0
Double-fault :rolleyes: 15-15
Serve and volley (on 2nd serve again) perfect. 30-15
Goes for serve and volley again, wins with an overhead 40-15
Roger makes Canas run all over, untill he finally makes a mistake. Game Federer 6-5

Canas serves 5-6
Federer goes to the net, Canas hits a wondeful passing shot. 15-0
Long rally, untill Federer´s backhand goes out. 30-0
Double-fault 30-15
Return winner (backhand down the line) 30-30
Serve to federer´s body again 210 kmh :eek: 40-30
Double fault 40-40
Bizarre unforced error for Canas, adv Federer (set point)
Federer risks a forehand down the line, goes out for little! 40-40
Another unforced error on Federer´s backhand, Adv Canas
Players exchanging slices, untill Canas error. 40-40
Federer tries another forehand down the line, hits the net. Adv Canas
Canas plays aggressive, forces Federer´s error. Game Canas 6-6

Fed serves - Long rally, Canas with u.e. 1-0
Canas serves - Canas forces Federer´s error. 1-1 / Big serve 2-1
Fed serves - Good serve 2-2 / Another great serve 3-2
Canas serves - Federer hits a great shot from back, Canas cant do the volley. 2-4 / Roger tries the chip-n-charge, Canas hits to his feet. 3-4
Fed serves - Federer u.e. with the backhand. 4-4 / Serve and volley (perfect again) 5-4
Canas serves - U.e. for federer (f/h) 5-5 / Roger approaches the net very well, but then misses an easy volley... 6-5
Fed serves - Big serve 6-6 / Another good serve 7-6
Canas serves - Another ue on Fed´s backhand 7-7 / Federer wins the point with a beautiful volley. 7-8
Fed serves - Canas plays a wonderful point, wins with a big forehand drive. 8-8 / Another good point for Canas, Federer ue. 8-9
Canas serves - wow! great backhand return winner for Fed! 9-9 / Big serve, wins the point in the net. 10-9
Fed serves - Canas with a terrible volley (wide) 10-10 / Canas with a great forehand down the line winner. 10-11
Canas serves - Ace! :eek:
First set goes to Canas 7-6 (10)
Almost one hour of play already! :bounce:

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Second Set

Canas serves
Backhand passing shot Fed 0-15
Canas serves and goes to the net to win the point 15-15
Federer has a good return, forces Canas error, 15-30
Canas with ue, 15-40
Guille tries a weird dropshot, too high, federer passes, Game Federer 1-0

Federer serves 1-0
Return winner for Canas :) 0-15
Fed wins with volley play 15-15
Bad return 30-15
Another bad return 40-15
Good return now, Federer error 40-30
Game Federer 2-0

Canas serves 0-2
Ue Federer 15-0
Ace second serve 30-0
Federer saves Canas overhead, but the ball goes an inch wide. :( 40-0
Good serve Game Canas 1-2

Federer serves 2-1
Great net play for Federer 15-0
Return winner :eek: 15-15
Double-fault :rolleyes: 22 ue for Federer 15-30
Another good return 15-40
Ace! 30-40
Ace! 203 kmh :eek: 40-40
Canas tries passing shot, goes wide. Adv Federer
Federer tries a lob, ue. 40-40
Bad return. Adv Federer
Another bad return Game Federer 3-1

Canas serves 1-3
Another ue for Federer 15-0
Forehand on the run winner for Canas 30-0
Bad return 40-0
Ace!! 210 kmh wow! :fiery: Game Canas 2-3

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Federer serves 3-2
Canas ran a lot during this game, Federer hit double fault to deuce, Canas breaks his serve with a beautiful lob! Game Canas 3-3

Canas serves 3-3
Federer is not patient anymore, and his ue count goes up Canas wins the game easily, 4-3

Federer serves 3-4
Shaky serve game for Federer, but he steps up in the end and with some help from Canas´ errors, confirms his serve 4-4

Canas serves 4-4
Easy game for canas, Federer cant win a single point. 5-4

Federer serves 4-5
Roger goes to the net in every single point, and it works. Canas passes him only once. Game Fed 5-5

Canas serves 5-5
Federer starts strong, but then Canas hits four great serves in a row to win the game 6-5

Federer serves 5-6
Roger started well again, with a winner on the net. But then he hit an ue from the b/h, a double fault and gets passed once to go 15-40. Canas wins with a big forehand to Roger´s body.

Canas wins 7-6 (10) 7-5.

Canas was a lot more regular, and his serve was just awesome. Federer had too many unforced errors, and played crap on the big moments.

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LOL! WOW, thanks hitman. Roger needs to work some things now immediately.

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Yes, now that I look back, that was a huge work... :eek:
What boredom can do to someone... :p
hehehe. I thought no one would read it. :eek:

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you are all welcome :wavey:
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