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Canada vs. Belarus

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Frank Dancevic vs. Vladimir Voltchkov
Daniel Nestor :eek: vs. Max Mirnyi
Daniel Nestor/Frederic Niemeyer vs. Max Mirnyi/Vladimir Voltchkov
Frank Dancevic vs. Max Mirnyi
Daniel Nestor vs. Vladimir Voltchov

Daniel playing in singles :eek:
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Fred will probably take the 5th rubber... if it means something.

I think we'll have an interesting tie. However, I will not predict anything ;)
Niemeyer not playing singles... I wasn't expecting it.
I think Belarus will win this tie. They have Mirnyi and they're very used to play in this kind of surface, unlike the other countries that usually face Canada in Americas Group.
Go Belarus! :bounce:
Go CANADA!!!!! :aparty:
Go Max!
Nestor playing singles over Niemeyer is kind of :confused:
Come on Max and Belarus! :rocker2:
It's been like 4 month that I've been waiting for this tie, I don't even go to school to follow it and the live score doesn't work.

Thank You, Canada. I love you so much.

Edit :

Oops, now it's working :p
And I'm not even talking about the non-presentation (can we say that?) of the games on TV. There's like 4 or 5 sports channel in Canada and no one though this was interesting.

TSN is showing is 18487135781387413894129418423385237689126th replay of Sportscenter.
Same thing for Sportsnet.
Same thing for The Score.
And RDS is showing Martial Art :rolleyes:
Frank breaks Voltchkov and lead *2-1 :D:D

Well, it´s still early but if this continues, it depends on Max once again. Get it together Voltchkov! :fiery:
Frank saves bp and he holds!

Now 4-2* !

Kick his ass Frank, COME ON!
Frank chocked AGAIN!! He served for it at 5-4 and got broken before losing it 5-7 :rolleyes:

Now, he has a break again in the second 3-2 Deuce and I'm pretty sure he'll blow it again :mad:

Frank saves 2 BIG bp and takes the lead 5-3*!

Serving for the 2nd set now...
30-0 :)
1 - 20 of 128 Posts
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