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here's a life lesson for any guys who might be interested:

if a girl tells you that she never wants to speak to you or see you again, do not call her 12 times a day and ask her voicemail why she won't pick up the phone. don't send her texts that are so long they get cut off even though they get sent in multiple messages. don't stalk her family members! and don't send her a 2000 word e-mail attempting to justify what you did wrong while also trying to guilt trip her into speaking to you. have you ever heard the expression "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" it's the truth.

on the other hand, maybe I'm the only one cruel enough to be serious about cutting off all ties with someone who used to be a close friend. of course there's a reason for me to be mad, he really fucked up a lot of things. I guess he thought 2000 words would be enough to turn me into a puddle of sentimental mush after 5 years of friendship but it just makes me realize that he's even more of a stalker than I thought. the most memorable part of the e-mail was the part when he said he thought I wanted to marry him even though I've never said anything to that effect nor have I done anything to give him that idea. 2000 words is three pages single spaced in a word processing program. I'm almost tempted to reply with one sentence telling him exactly what I think about him and he would probably have an aneurysm.

it's almost impossible for me to be platonic friends with a guy because eventually he thinks "hello" is a code word for "let's get married and I can have your babies!!!!!" it never fails to work out that way.

writing is very therapeutic...I should try this more often.
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