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Can someone explain in "Technical Tennis" terms why the Fed FH is worse, BH better?

So Federer made the switch to a larger raquet size this year and seemingly, his BH has improved immensely. Far less shanks and he seems to have more power off that wing, even the slices seem just a wee bit better, also the serve has improved drastically, as seen in Wimby 14 with 20+Aces....yet he seems to have lost a lot of power and control on his FH side.

It seems common sense that a player's BEST SHOT, would always be consistent, yet Fed's FH has seemed to only get worse.

Now maybe you can help me answer, why this would be the case?

I have come up with some possible reasons and maybe you can help me pick out the best one.

A: His FH is worse because of his new raquet and somehow it is screwing him up (Tension? Raquet Head Size?)
B: He is older and his footwork is worse
C: His FH is a mental stroke that relies more on confidence.
D: ????

Your thoughts?
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