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The likes of Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal may have no worries or feelings of inadequacy concerning the sheer number of trophies they have managed to stash away throughout the course of their illustrious live tennis careers, and Novak Djokovic is not too far away from amassing a significant collection of his own, but there is one player on the men’s tennis circuit who has failed to do the one thing (winning a Grand Slam) that would enable him to justify his claim as one of the best players in the game. That man is, of course, Andy Murray.

Andy Murray is certainly an excellent tennis player, and one who has always been labelled as having bags of potential, but the Scot has not got in his possession the one item that would turn his potential into real success: a Grand Slam trophy.

Having seen his chances come and go in Grand Slam finals that he reached with relative ease before losing in what have seemed like mere moments, he now has a precious chance to prove his critics wrong in the Australian Open, with the Brit bidding to win a trophy that would at last hand tennis fans in the UK the belief that he is not, as many believe, going to be another Tim Henman, a man who utterly failed to live up to the billing.

If Andy does end up winning this year’s Australian Open, with plenty of tennis betting offers making such a prediction, his confidence would surely be boosted to the point where he is able to start winning tournaments regularly, becoming a serious and respected member of the "big four" of men’s tennis, rather than just a favourite of the British media.
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