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71 is a magic number for me. Why you ask?

2 grandparents
2 parents
3 Siblings
6 Aunt and uncles
- 6 spouses
20 first cousins
- they gave me 24 nieces and nephews
- plus 8 spouses ( only married)
The magic number is 71 And that's just what Mexicans would consider my "immediate family" on my mother's side o_O

Naty (my twin) and I were talking about how our ideal wedding would be, specifically pertaining to the number of guests we wanted and who we wanted there.

I said I wanted somewhere in between 50 and 100 people, that would give me enough space to accommodate the people I really wanted and if I had to invite those few who needed to be invited according to my mother, although this would be at my discretion since I get forgetful about people who I know and think are generally cool.

Now, if my family had it their way I would only be able to invite family so that no one would think I was giving them the cold shoulder by not inviting them. I'm not exaggerating. My cousin's wedding in Mexico this summer proved it. She had 360 people on her guest list, all of them related to me in some way by blood. I met so many "cousins, aunts, and uncles " that night I can barely remember one let alone any of them at all.

Some of you might think that 100 people is a lot for a wedding, but one must put into consideration that at my Quinceañera there were almost 300 people and this is considered a moderate size (my cousin had 500 guests at hers. o_O)

In the end though I really do want something small, surrounded with the people I love the most and am the closest too, but I don't want just family. I've never dreamed of a huge big wedding, just something cozy and romantic where both me and my future spouse would feel comfortable and be ourselves, because greeting 300 people and having their judging eyes looking at you on your special day is not something you want to repeat.

That being said, my mom said she can't wait until one of us gets married, but with the current relationship (or lack there of) status her three daughters had/have had, I hope for her sake she doesn't hold her breath.

PS. Naty said she wants only herself, the groom, and the rabbi at her wedding.
PPS. This is just my mom's side, she's one of 7. My dad is one of 9 o_O
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