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Calleri defeat Tursunov 4-6 7-6 6-4

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Another Russian out today
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turunov was playing well in the first set. But let himself drop his level just a tad in the next two sets.
Given that I like both players equally, it is hard to feel too bad about this result.

Dima has many more years left in him, while Gordo is in the twilight of his he probably needed it more! Nice work Gordo! :woohoo:
Calleri won the battle between two of the biggest hitters, i watched since the tiebreak of the second set and he played great, what a great bh he has
Calleri caught fire in the second and third set, some amazing winners there :worship:
Damn you, blogger. That's pathetic. :eek:
playing like in the third set he has very good chances to beat Cañas
Calleri played lights out stuff in the end of the second and third, second serve aces, smacking forehand and backhand through the court. When he plays like this he is top 3 most entertaining players in my book. Reminds me of that time he hammered Agassi in Miami.
playing like in the third set he has very good chances to beat Cañas
If only you could carry form easily from one match to the next, there would be alot more great players, Calleri is inconsistent, he can hit winners all day in one and in the next the back wall, but I hope he can give Canas a good game, I'd probably favour Calleri over Canas in this one due to Calleri already having a match played here, hitting a little bit of form and Canas recent struggle.
I like both players too, I hope to see Gordo win one more match :D
Gordo :rocker2: :rocker2:
Vamos Gordo !!
Well Done ! Tomorro is going to be difficult to me to cheer for you
This is a bit of a surprise. Maybe he and Marat are saving their energy for Davis Cup.
Ooooh Dima :sad:
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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