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Hi all, I am the editor of the brand new internet magazine, British Men's Tennis Weekly If you are interested visit the site:

There is a free sample and to register just follow the instructions on the homepage.

Cost is £1.20 per week or the special offer, £4.20 per month

Any questions, suggestions are welcome. You can email me for the letters to the editor section and the letter with its reply will be posted in the next magazine.

My email is: [email protected]

The next magazine will be out on Monday 12th September

Contents for Monday's magazine:

[1] Andy Banks retires - Report and career review
[2] Challenger reports - Genoa, Istanbul and Donetsk and US Open juniors report
[3] Feature - "Is this the end for Tim and Greg"
[4] Barker Brothers retire - report and career review
[5] Feature - BTMW's view on Andy's fitness
[6] Tournament round-up - Brits in global futures events
[7] Nottingham futures 1 and 2 - reports
[8] National Club League report
[9] Rankings and points
[10] Calendar and letters to the editor
[11] Player of the week
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