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Ex-Superbowl winning quarterback Bret Favre has branded Belgian tennis star Justine Henin a 'little drama queen' and 'attention whore' after she retired for the second time recently, stating that he may send an image of his bare testicles to her mobile phone 'just to teach her a lesson'.

Favre, a huge tennis fanatic, branded Henin 'a fucking human yo-yo' amongst other things in an astonishing rant yesterday.

"So the little bitch has retired again? Jeezus woman, make up your fucking mind. You're getting the hopes of your fans up with these comebacks and then letting them all down by turning your back and walking away. Where's the fucking loyalty?

The veteran football star went on.

"But who's to say the midget runt won't return? She'll do it for the media attention and then waltz off into the sunset again-all so she can reap the welcoming euphoria and then the tributes and teary-eyed goodbyes from the grovelling and sycophantic press and televisual talking heads. Give me a fucking break. I ain't buying that rubbish, bitch."

Favre, whose sporting hero is, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Amelie Mauresmo (because according to Bret 'she would've made a good tight-end) went on to criticise the diminutive blonde's past actions.

"She didn't give Amelie her winning moment at the Aussie Open, retiring before poor Amelie got her tournament winning match-point. That's the sort of selfish action you'd expect from a non-team player. She doesn't give a rat's ass about the Belgian Fed Cup team. They have to prepare for the upcoming season without one of their main players-she could have at least gave them some notice so they could have prepared a proper replacement, but oh no, it's all me,me, me with that tramp. Man, this really gets my goat. I'm bursting with rage right now. Get outta my face."

Favre went on to smash his fist through a glass window and trash the local candy store, before signing a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals.
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