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In hiding.
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Yes, it's a title to a Linkin Park song, but today I'm breaking the habit of posting lyrics and posting something about myself.
Why? Don't know, just one of those days I feel like writing and letting some stuff come out.
So...what do we know so far. I'm a 22-year old smart ass law student that has this tendency to ruin all the good things in life. :)
Yes, it happens a lot. And I takes a lot of effort to not let it happen, because some things are just too good to throw away, no?
But sometimes I let one or two bad things outweigh all the thousands of good things, because of my stupidity and insecurity.
And I realise that even good memories can bring you down on occassions.
And I discovered ignorance is bliss, but I'm still stupid enough to always want to know something that I know has a great chance of bringing me down.
And I give too much weight to things that could be simple coincidences, but I of course fail to see them as such, or maybe I should just lie to myself and convince myself they are just that.
And I always have trouble opening up to people, always surrounded by a shield.
And I realise that today is just like any other, the blues are only temporary, dark thoughts come, dark thoughts go, peace of mind is hard to find, but I'm not giving up the search.
And I have learned to accept my flaws and not deny them.
And I have learned to open up about my flaws more.
And I have learned that laughing blanks out all the bad things in your head, if only just for a moment.
And I'm not afraid to make a fool out of myself to make someone feel better.
And if someone is down, I'm gonna still do my all to make them fell better, even if I'm not in the best of moods.
And I realise words can only say so much, but are sometimes all we have.
And I'm not gonna pretend I know all the answers, cause, you know, your guess is just as good as mine.
And it's better to forget about your silly pride sometimes than to lose something that you don't want to lose.
And I would tell you not to take anything for granted if it weren't for the fact that I get caught doing that exact thing, but let the important people in your life know what they mean to you, because you never know if they have doubts about how you feel.
And if home is where your heart is, where is your home if you give your heart to people and if they break your heart, does that mean your home is broken too?
And I have always found comfort in writing, it has been the easiest way for me to let emotions, frustrations and random thoughts out, just like I did today, the difference being that this one won't end up on a piece paper that I end up throwing away.
And this might be continued one day.
And I would like to thank you if you took some of your valuable time to read through these few sentences that might not make sense in the greater scheme of things, but I still felt like I had to write them down.
Thank you.

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Hmmm interesting entry for once milan. I like this much better than ur normal habit of posting lyrics. Not sure what to make of it but I figure ill talk to u about it on msn or sumthin rather than discuss it here :p Anyway I hope whatever is bothering you gets better :hug:

:hug: that was a sad entry. :sad:
You're pretty cool :yeah: so don't doubt yourself

"And I'm not gonna pretend I know all the answers, cause, you know, your guess is just as good as mine"

:haha: yeah, but some people have to guess a whole lot more than you and my guess is, your guess is probably better than most people's too

In short :rolls: cheer up man :hug:

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You know as much as you are a smart-arse and as much as I like to call you a :retard: and all, you sound pretty similar to myself.

And I don't often like to let people in on how I feel, as you did today, so I really appreciate you sharing your feelings Milan.

I often have every single one of those feelings you have listed and don't know what to do with them. :shrug:

I hope you cheer up. :)
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