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With no tennis on TV and people forced to spend time with their families, what better way to while away the long evenings than with an ATP tour board game?

  • Race against the other players to get your tournament played. Plant your flag on the calendar and wait to see if coronavirus strikes!
  • Draw a chance card. Will a top player refuse to come? Will a coach fall ill and die? Will the city go into lockdown and trap all the players for four weeks?
  • If players fall ill, can you get them access to a nurse, a thermometer and a fresh pair of pyjamas? (If stuck, ask Grigor Dimitrov for a loan of his!)
  • Can you handle the suspense as players get injured from playing a congested schedule. Will the star player make it to your tournament in one piece?

The game comes with:

  • A board featuring a map of the world and 20 overlay sheets showing different distributions of Covid-19
  • 50 chance cards
  • ATP player figurines
  • 2 dice
  • A guide on how to safeguard your tournament against potential lawsuits

Watch the season play out and all the chaos unfold. Risk the health of players and staff in order to get your tournament played. The player who gets the most tournaments played wins. The loser goes to Wuhan.

Watch the slam race end in farce!

Fun for all the family.
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