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I've followed Dmitry since he was 17 but I'm getting worried that since he parted ways with Jose H. and is solely with Vitale Goran that he is in a bit of rut. His ranking has slowly slid from 20 down to nearly 40. Perhaps his coaching arrangement is a bit stale since Vitale has been with him since his early teens??

I also never see a coach with him on tour - only his fitness guy seems to travel with him. I don't know about you, but fitness seems to be the last thing Dmitry needs to concentrate on. He is extremely fit and has tons of weapons...seems like the right coach with an outside perspective could help him make that leap into the top 10 (and the 2nd week of a major).

I'm all for Brad Gilbert - both are in Northern California (SF bay area for Gilbert, Sacramento for Dima).

What about all of you...?
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