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ohh Christmas, the precursor to my favorite time of year....Tennis season! :banana:
So i was buying X'mas cards yesterday, and saw that there was a 'from pet to pet' catagory :eek: :scratch: someone would actually buy a card for a dog and address it the family cat?? :confused: :retard: what would the greeting be? :confused:...'
To Fluffy,
less hairballs for the new year,
Bark, Fido
If i wasn't in a hurry, i'd have actually stuck around to see the weirdos who actually bought these cards, maybe would even try to engage them in some conversation to figure out the rationale of 'pet christmas cards'....but i probably couldn't have without cracking up, it's just too bizarre. I mean i like pets (ok, i hate dogs, and can tolerate only some cats :p) but the humanization of animals has gone way too far now. I thought it was pretty ridiculous already with doggie outfits, pet daycare and doggie popsicles (yes, right next to the haagen daas in my grocer's freezer :scared: ) but pet greeting cards? Please stop the insanity people!!!!:(
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