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The bookmakers are getting some of their blood back and indeed they were waiting for the CL final to have their way...and they did, as all markets were overwhelmingly in favour of BM band they all lost emphatically...but even if BM won the title in extra time or penalties the bookies would still be they're just ecstatic.
What an amazing year it has been for them. First we have the charade in Britain where Man U blew an 8 point lead to lose to City. It was a two-horse race but I'm sure a lot more money were placed on the red devils to do it. In Italy it was one "bookie" game after another, as favs were dying left right and centre and still they achieved what they wanted. In Germany BM ended up with nothing and in France PSG will lose the title to Montpellier, another crazy development in that crazy league...a lot of money were put on PSG after it became clear that the title would be a 2-horse race...and of course England and their darlings Chelsea and Liverpool, two disgusting teams that made the bookie perhaps the most money than everybody. The only slight disappointment for them must have been the Spanish league but RM and Barca made it up for them in the CL with money to spare.
In all a great year for the pimps...they were so stuffed with money that they decided to donate a little with the virtual head of Ray Wingston giving away a "freebie" at halftime of the CL final, tipping Chelsea to lift the trophy...common, you wouldn't heed the advice of the lion to put your head in his mouth, would you? Well, those who did were rewarded.
anyway, I always knew that Chelsea would make it, ad after seeing the swing of the bets I was 99% certain. I put my money on Chelsea specifically to lift the trophy as they wouldn't let Roman's team out of the competition...for all the excitement and drama of last night's match, at the end of the day it's just simple logistics.

Anyway, yes, there is a tennis final today between Nadal and Djokovic so I'm waiting to see if Djokovic will make them even happier today, although to be honest, the money placed on tennis are pitiful compared to the money they made from football, and the money they made and will make from basketball with Olympiacos in Europe and a surprise team in the NBA. The old rivals seem out of it already...
Also I would imagine Djokovic had money on him on the outright? Anyway, tennis is a nonentity for them.

And the morale of the story is: Bookies rule ( everything )., get on their side or get your money gone...simples.
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