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The day started off well, I slept 8 1/2 hours and woke up in plenty of time to make the Post Office before it got too busy. Anyway, I get there and I wanna get my package, then just leave. That's it. Simple, right ? No, it was very complicated.

Moron #1:
Spent 15 minutes searching for my 2 packages and insisting on muttering " hmm, I can't seem to find it here " and so like I saw a package that said Armani on the side, so I said, maybe that's it. Okay and the guy checks, guess what ? That was it, of course underneath it was my only package from a completely different company and location. See, I would do a far better job at doing his job than he does at doing his own. That made plenty of sense, so I don't even need to ask.

Moron #2:
A police officer that pulls me over on Upper Eastside Manhattan at 9:15 for going 15 MPH over the speed limit, meanwhile rapist, terrorist and serial killers are on the loose. Nice move, guy and he has the audacity to request my ID & proof of insurance.

It's like, give me a break, what a cafone. You can't possibly be serious, pulling me over meanwhile there's probably some 15 year old being victimized and taken advantage of in a random NY alley. I think it was jealousy and the fact that on a police officer salary, UPPER EASTSIDE is out of the question.

The only cops that make serious $$$ work on LI (Suffolk County) some of them pull in $100,000 a year and that is what you call serious money ... for a cop atleast.

Moron #3:
Has yet to present himself, but never fear, plenty of morons live here!

Alright, so aside from that I'm having a perfectly healthy day thus far, really nothing to complain or bitch about. :)
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