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Today was a great day to get out and do something...and I did.

First off, I went to the library to pick up on a book I reserved last week, ran into an old friend, and exchanged pleasantries.

Second, I went to my favorite independent bookseller. Count on them to have the latest must-have book as well as an obscure title or two...they have it all. Since I was hungry, I decided to go to the cafe to get a bite to eat. Although I expect good local fare, and will get it occasionally, I still got good food. The cafe was serving food found in "The Great American Cook" cookbook/memoir. My pick today? The Gorgonzola Mushroom Bacon Burger with a side of field greens and a pickle. I ate it while browsing through a few new titles-among them, the most-talked about book of 08 thus far, Eat, Love, Pray. I think I'll like that book...when I decide to buy it.:)

My browsing and eating over, I went to visit with my aunt for awhile...talking to her and watching Kentucky finally overcoming Vanderbilt in two overtimes. :rolleyes:

Right now, I'm indulging in a little "me" time...reading, writing, and watching TV....and I don't plan to go anywhere else for the rest of the evening.
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