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Many people have recently asked us what are the different bocce ball court surfaces that are available and which one is the best.

Here are the three major surfaces that are available for bocce ball

1) Har tru surface: this is the most popular and cost effective surface available. It seems that the traditional surface is still the most popular. This court is cost effective requires only minimal maintenance and players seem to prefer the feel of clay.

2) Synthetic surface: this surface costs a bit more than the har tru but requires even less maintenance that the har tru surface. The main dissadvantage is cost associated with it. Most players like the surface but some players have told us that they still prefer the traditional feel of har tru.

3) Oyster Shell surface: This is the most expensive surface available. The most possitive aspect of this type of surface is the fact that it allows water to drain slightly better than the synthetic or har tru surface. The synthetic and har tru have adequate drainage and I dont feel the oyster shell is worth the additional cost.
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