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Another year is coming to an end. Another chapter is being closed in a book that's not going to end so soon.

Too bad that chapter is not that good. The 8th MS of the year is happening right now, as I type, in Madrid.
Before I went to university, I watched Murray play Navarro Pastor and got to two conclusions, in fact three, but two categories:
1- Murray is just hype. That forehand is ridiculous and his second serve is just too bad. Britain is in a bad shape if they believe in this boy.
Navarro Pastor is a moonballer that, out of nowhere, thinks can play S&V. I admire a lot his courage and tenacity, as it's the most difficult style to execute, but he just isn't talented to make it work, and this court (my next conclusion will elaborate on that) is far from being a proper place to put this strategy effectively into play.
2- The ATP scheme to kill tennis and to make it a moonballing festival did well to its intentions when they exchanged Stuttgart for Madrid. Not only is Spain the land of the moonballers, they managed to put there a hard court that is painstakingly slow. Of course that they want to fix the tournament to Nadal again, it's no use thinking otherwise anymore. This time, though, Roddick is the last line the moonballer will reach. I'll develop more about this subject in following editions.

After university I come home to know that Moya lost to Chela. It's not like Moya is a good player (I doubt if he ever were), but losing to Chela is too much. I hope he realises that he's becoming the Bozo of ATP and retire.
Malisse choked badly, as usual. I'm getting inclined to put him up with Haas and Nalbandian as the biggest chokers on tour.

Every edition of this journal will have a full article and rankings, lists and up-downs. This first, though, will only sport a list of the defenders of real tennis this year.

This edition's mention of honour goes to:
Arnaud Clement
Mikhail Youzhny
Roger Federer
Tomas Berdych
Juan Carlos "The Mosquito" Ferrero
Semi-retired Joachim "pim-pim" Johansson
Lleyton Hewitt

Potential defenders of the week:
Roddick, Berdych and Ljubicic to defeat Nadal
Ancic and Federer to defeat Robredo.

Second edition tomorrow with an article, I hope.

Belo "blog" (por mais que você aparente fugir do nome) :) !

Realmente, até o quique da bola é estranho à vista, especialmente se tratando de uma suposta quadra rápida!

Enfim, ainda temos alguma esperança: Federer tá jogando esse torneio, e ontem pudemos presenciar o Tio Henman (não houve erro no Tio) bater Fernando Verdasco. Que ele vá longe nesse torneio!

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