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Blake d. Rusedski 7-5, 7-6, 6-3

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Very nice start for James. It's nice to see him on a roll after all that he has been through.
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James :banana: good solid performance
Congrats James, nice to see him back :yeah:
Good luck for the next round !!!
a nice match from james, hope he keeps it up :yippee:
That was a great match from James especially the third set. He was on fire coming up with excellent winners of both ends. He seems to have a good serve, and seems to be able to unload from both sides. His passing shots were exceptional today. Seems very comfortable on HC. Good win.
very nice match indeed. haven't seen him hit as big serves and forehands for awhile. and he's looking very sharp and fit. at the moment he's looking like the best american after Roddick.
Gweggie :bigcry:
Well done James! :bounce:
A very good match from James, he won easier than i expected him to win and it is important that he was able to win the big points in the first 2 sets. :D
So good to see Blake back and playing so well. He is goign to be a handful for any decent opponent --I would love to see a Blake-nadal match, hope he gets that far
James is moving so well I loved his second set tiebreak it was awesome keep going James :yeah:
I can't think of anyone more deserving than JB of a break. A great guy with a great personality and beautiful to watch playing when he is on a roll. Keep it up and go far this year.

JB's and Guga's wins made my day.
It was a very good match, Blake played inspired at times and Greg wasn't half-bad either. Congrads to James!
:yeah: Way to go James! (new Blake fan here after watching him at Pilot Pen!) What a great comeback for what seems like a great guy.
great job James :yeah:
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