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Well, the little newcomer named Blacky seems to get used to the place and its inhabitants. He plays a lot. Is pretty gifted for football!! Should've named him Henry. :lol: He has spent the night in my bedroom, mostly on the bed. I just wish he wouldn't play as much when I have to sleep. :rolleyes:

Pinky, my old lady seems to start accepting his presence. They can cross their way in the corridor, pretty warily, but without trouble. She still hisses a bit, but it's more to say "hey, watch out, you're about to enter my vital space". They can lay down not too far from each other. Like on this pic.

I don't regret my choice. Though it's not too easy at the moment. How could anyone resist to such cute eyes?

Je trouve très drôle de les voir à 2 mètres l'un de l'autre connaissant la grandeur de ta palace :lol: Blacky est vraiment très très très mignon :inlove:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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