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The biting episode of yesterday hasn't happened again. Blacky has kept his distance from Pinky. But, with time, he gets confident again and starts to follow her everywhere again. Though he stops when she hisses. Must remind him that it can hurt if he comes nearer!! ;)

One of his fave places is lying on my desk, where I have the computer. He likes to sleep there, with his head over the mouse. He's still a baby. He needs regular sleep. After spreading so much energy when he plays, he needs to recover. Me too!! :lol: Btw, he's very gifted when it comes to football. But hey, he's got 4 feet.....;)

I try to multiply the moments I leave the 2 felines alone, on their own. They need to learn how to live together, without me constantly checking what's up. And if Blacky gets bitten again, he certainly would have deserved it. That's definitely not Pinky who's looking for trouble. She just wants her peace. Once he'll have understood it, things will be quiet here. Like heaven!! :D

Pic of the day: Watch out!! Blacky's a terror!! :lol:

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