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So today in the calendar... The Black Eyed Peas :rocker: :yippee:

Because it's tonight that i'll see them in Bercy. :cool: Time flies, and i still don't really realize that the concert is tonight.
But it's gonna be great! I've seen them live 2 years ago and they have so much energy ;)
The band doing the first part is Flipsyde. They come from Los Angeles. I don't know their music yet but from what i've read on the internet it sounds as diverse as the BEPs' sound. Hip Hop mixed with accoustic guitare, and latin soul. They seem to have lyrics full of meaning, on politics, etc. (there's a beautiful rap on a baby one of the guys didn't have cuz he and his gf were too young and so they chose abortion).

They were on tour with Snoop Dogg before being with the BEPs, and they also took part in Eminem and 50 Cent's Anger Management Tour :yeah:
And their song 'Someday' will be the official song of the Winter Olympics. I haven't heard it yet.

It should be a good evening :cool:

Hey mama, this that sh*t that make you groove, mama
Get on the floor and move your booty moma
We the blast masters blastin' up the jamma
La la la la la


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Have fun! :) :hug:

I loved that song that is QOTD :banana: I listened to it allllll the time!

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