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Bjorn Borg is a former World No. 1 tennis player from Sweden regarded by some observers and tennis players as the greatest player in the sport's history.

Borg has Capricorn rising and the Lord of Ascendant Saturn in the exchange with Mars. This exchange forms a Raja Yoga as both the planets are lord of angular house. Mars always plays an important part in a sportsman’s career as it is the significator of aggression,entusiasm and vigor. But for Borg Mars becomes the Key of success!!!!

The other noticable feature is the exchange between Venus and Mercury. Venus is the Lord of 10th house(house of profession) and Mercury is the Lord of 6th house(house of competition). This exchange indicates profession in Sports and success as both the lords gets strength by exchange.

In 1972, at the age of 15, Borg became one of the youngest players ever to represent his country in the Davis Cup and won his debut singles rubber in five sets against seasoned professional Onny Parun. He was then under the influence of Moon-Venus period. As mentioned above Venus is powerful enough to render success in profession in such an early age.

In May1974, aged 17 years and 11 months, Borg won his first top-level singles title at the Italian Open. Two weeks later, he won his first Grand Slam title at the French Open. He was then under the influence of Mars-Jupiter period. The essence of this success is Mars. Look at the Mars in his chart!!. Mars, the warrior is in exchange with Saturn the Ascendant Lord forming Raja Yoga and placed in the firey Saggitarius sign in the 6th house(house of competition) of D-9 chart and more significantly in the Ascendant of D-10 chart in it’s own house. Jupiter is placed in the 10th house of D-9. No wonder he became the master of Tennis so early in his life.

But it was just a beginning of the Borg’s golder Era in Tennis world!!!!

Borg swept through Wimbledon in 1976 without losing a set, defeating the much-favoured Ilie Năstase in the final. He was then under the Mars-Saturn period. Mars-Saturn exchange is involed in Raja Yoga and the force of Mars is enormous in his chart.

Borg repeated his Wimbledon triumph in 1977. it was hard work as he was passing through the Mars-Ketu phase. Ketu is placed with the 6th house Lord Mercury in the 5th house. He was not upto his mark but still managed to retain his title.

Borg was at the height of his career from 1978 through 1980 , winning the French Open and Wimbledon all three years. He was almost unbeatable in Mars-Venus, period in year 1978. Mars-Sun phase was also extremly successful for him because Sun is in its own house situated in the 5th house of D-10 chart.

As mentioned earlier Mars holds the key of his success and as Mars Dasha ends November 1979 his career was in down trend.

Borg's last Grand Slam final was a four set loss to McEnroe at the 1981 U.S. Open during the Rahu-Rahu period and Rahu is posited in the 8th house of D-10 chart and with debilitated Moon in D-9 chart. It clearly indicates that Borg was on the verge of burn-out at that time.

Borg's announcement in January 1983 that he was retiring from the game at the age of 26 was a shock to the tennis world.

Mars impact so apparent here. He is superb example of How Rajayoga and timely Dasha period of Rajayogakarak planet can lift a person’s career.
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