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I know it´s already a bit early (but also just a bit over 1 month)...

We are planning to make a Birthday present for Tomas. It´s a bit complicated to expain what exactly it is But if you have questions do not hesitate to contact me
(email: [email protected])!!!

But we need your help for that present!

We need Fan-Experince stories and Birthday messages for Tomas from you!!!

So if you want to congratulate Tomas for his birthday send me your message by email and/or if you met Tomas and want to write him when it was and how it was for you then please send it to me aswell!!! Also if you took a pic with him you can send it to me and we will attach it into the present... When it´s finished you all get to see it...

We will give it to him at the Davis Cup!!!

I need your birthday messages and stories until lastest September 10th...

So I look forward to get mails from you soon J

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