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... the one that you want it to be

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - the goat is a subjective thing. Unfortunately. Or luckily. You can count and measure all the titles, but at the end of the day - it's the perception of an individual. And we, **** sapiens, are really tough and selfish creatures - we aim to please our inner child, our hopes and beliefs, first and foremost. If you love something, you can make a case out of it - I spoke to men who told me Johan Cruyff is the best man that ever played football. Not Pele, not Maradona, but Johan Cruyff. There's not World Cup titles count, or anything else measurable to support the case, but the man beliefs in it with all of his ego. Especially if served with a glass, or two.

Now, in order not to be laughed away your "hero" needs to have something of a repute and certain numbers under his belt. You can't say Almagro is the best tennis player ever (though he's the best prophet) but between Federer, Nadal and Djokovic everyone can make a case, because there isn't, and there never will be an official "GOAT committee" exactly for the reasons stated above. Not all people think that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever, some think it's Chamberlain. And while majority may consider Jordan the best ever, as long as ONE person thinks differently, the GOAT cannot be official. It comes from the heart and brain, not numbers. Cheers!

(and for the record, Fernando Gonzalez is GOAT!)
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