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Hi Folks,

I need your help here.If we make a summary on where we can have a single bet on a challenger event here are the firms available for that:

-5 dimesThe most reliable for payout but limited to 100dollars or 150 dollars
-FonbetThe 2nd on the list with more offers as handicap lines and O/U.Limits are about 100dollars also but if you win a lot this will be cutted.
-Parimatch.ruThis one looks not reliable.

Then its the desert regarding single bet or anyone know another website where we can have a bet for that:confused:

What i would like us to do is simple.

Let take Pinnacles as the perfect example.
No need to make study in Havard to understand that they are using robots for odds compiling.They start becoming agressive on European markets by offering thousand of exotic shitty stuff as 4th division soccer,2nd division basket,2nd Division Hockey in Czech republic etc with low limits...
Why not on challenger:confused: :confused:

Then can one of you please be kind and write a typical mail (because as you can see my english is not a shakspeare one ;) ) on this thread resquesting them to add challenger event even with low limits for the next season.And all of us we will copy/paste this request on our personnal mail and will send it to their Customer Service.

The most we are,the better chance we have to this go throught.


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and note that every bookie who offer challenger bets does not void after retirement

5 dimes being the exception , 1 set has to be played there

but seriously thats fruitcake money anyway, limits :lol:
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