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Hey guys,

I am not posting this just to get consolation from anyone whether "I have hope" or anything like that. I am fifteen years old, I started playing tennis this summer (I actually started when I was 10 but stopped for 5 years) with a personal trainer overseas on vacation (I did like 15 hours in like 10 days with around 3 different trainers).

I want to get the most I can from this sport because I love it. I am very competitive, and I am just eager to be playing against others in leagues and tournaments, heck, maybe even go pro - anything is possible, aslong as you are dedicated and willing to go an extra mile.

So I post this thread to learn every single thing you guys do on a daily to weekly basis that helps improve your game. What is everything you do that has to do with tennis. Also mention how long each day or week that you spend on each activity.

Do you watch tennis matches on tv? If so, how long?
Do you read tennis books or the tennis encyclopedia?
Do you find old tennis matches and watch them on tape/dvd?
Do you play against the wall when you dont have a partner?

Try and mention every activity you do that has to do with tennis that would help a person's game. I want to try everything. Unfortunately, I do not have the transportation to go to a tennis club every day (I go to a once a week clinic) so I have to utilize my time offcourt. I also plan on going with my cousin maybe twice a week to play, he is only a beginner though. And I will consider spending time each week just playing against a wall, if I find one.

Thanks Guys!
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