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Best of luck Albert!!

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You are having a great year.... just keep all those good things ;)

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:D :bounce: :drool: :p :D :bounce: :drool: :p
Albert, eres un jugador cojonudo :D
Vamos Albert, demuestra que eres el mejor

:) :) :) :)
Show'em Al !!

Show them what a French Open Champ can do Al, because you're worth it. ;):D

Like all players' forums, this one should be renamed. The choice is obvious: Here is Costa Brava !:bounce:
:bounce: :bounce:

I WISH YOU THE BEST :bounce: :angel:
Vamos Albert!!!!!

:) :)
He is in the Finals :) :) :)
congratulations for winnig roland garros! a little bit late my congrats, but nevermind
Vamos ALbert!!!!!

:) :) :) :)
keep going, Al, my piece of spanish spunk.
This forum is so dead.... just wishing more luck to Albert :D
anyone know what Al's up to these days? His friends are in Kong Kong. Why not Al?
AL - get your act together. We want to see you in Shanghai! Pavel is tough, but you have to keep fighting.
he will play in paris masters next week
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Costa and his partner retired in their doubles match, did he get injured or was it the other guy?
who did he play with?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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