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Who is the best coach 2015?

  • Boris Becker

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • Dani Vallverdu

    Votes: 4 40.0%
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There is not a single coach who comes close to these 2.

Boris makes it rain like a boss.

I havent personally seen much from Vallverdu, but results speak for themself.

Berdych is currently second in the race for London if I'm not mistaken.

My vote goes to Vallverdu, because its not really that hard to make a champion out of Djokovic who is familiar on the top, Berdych on the hand was a complete mess. I absolute admire the relation between Berdych and his coach, as he was able to bagel his biggest nemisis Nadal in a grandslam. Berdych moves alot better on the court now.

Today Berdych refused to bend over if he continues with this state of mind we might see a future grandslam winner.

Boris Becker has more influence on external factors so I wouldnt blame anyone voting for him.


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Coaching Berdych into two defeats against Murray (with Berdych later saying he was surprised how Murray played) definitely shows the GOATness of Vallverdu imo.
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