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Berrer def Haji 61 61, doesnt lose a single point on serve

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Nice effort Haji, I think even I would of managed one lucky return. 28/28 on serve for Berrer
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how could you lose 2 games to his bum, berrer?
Thats . . . impressive.
fantastic Michael :worship:
Was it a Futures match?
Well done Berrer, great match :)
i wonder when qatar will start to buy players to represent them. they did it in athletics, they'll try it in tennis.
I don't think I wouldn't have managed at least one point on his serve as Berrer is far from the likes of Karlovic.

I remember a few years ago when Coria was beating the crap out of Philipppoussis and was 3 points away from a Golden set (A set won without any points lost) and I kept saying to myself that anyone who knows how to handle the racket wouldn't fail to win a point against a red hot Fed.
Berrer = Impressive :eek:
I'm impressed!
Doesn't matter who it is against...that stat is impressive! :worship:

As IL says, you'd think even a club player might get lucky with a return. :shrug:
Berrer isnt even good hahahahaha
Berrer isnt even good hahahahaha
his serve is one of the best in the world
lol. what is the point of giving these absolute no hopers wildcards
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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