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Haven't been here for ages, that's how it starts back. Picks just like follows:

Bergamo, Challenger
Santoro to beat Gulbis at the odds of 1.40
Bolelli to beat Bachinger at the odds of 1.37

Both games, which I've decided to jump on are looking very solid. Santoro hadn't too much to play yesterday, as the Salzenstein retired after first set, lost 3-6. Frenchman haven't lost more than 4 games in each of his three sets played in whole tournament and now is gonna fight against Latvian star Ernest Gulbis, seeded here with No. 6. This 18-years old Eastern Europe star has been quite succesful this year, going to semis in Heilbronn, where he was defeated by other Frenchman, Llodra. Despite that he left defeated Bolelli, Zverev and Pless, all in straight sets. After that played in Sydney, where he lost to Marcos 6-7, 1-6. Now fighting in Bergamo, still had quite easy opponents, such as Popp and Wauters, but the real fight will start today in the evening. I don't have to present Santoro, seeded No. 1, enough that I've seen him in AO and there should be a class difference between him and Gulbis.
Second choice is seeded with 5 Italian Simone Bolelli, who is gonna fight with LL Bachinger from Germany. He had some promissing results this year, quarterfinalist in Sao Paulo, lost to Canas in straight sets, but here in 100k challenger was very lucky to get so high. 6-0 6-0 win with Tourte in 1st round, 7-6 7-5 with De Bakker and now really tough task - overcome Bolelli on his own court. Impossible. Double at the odds of 1.92 is a nice choice for Bergamo's games.
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