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Berdych is a guy who plays one match per year:)))

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According to some fans called "very talented player???" Berdych is eliminated from the tournament in the first match after he defeated Rafa very luckily yesterday. I suggested this result yesterday because last year he defeated Federer and he got lost till yesterday evening. This guy has no foture with this inconsistency. Talented players should win 2 matches in two consecutive days. Otherwise beating Rafa or Federer doesn't mean anything. They are also human and they aren't unbeatable. If you lose the next day after beating a world class player you will continue to be ranked in the lower ranks, and also it means you luckily win against this world class player. But I am sure that some people will say Berdych is very tired etc. then i will ask what about Rafa yesterday? This was his 7th match in 8 days. This Berdych guy couldn't play 2 matches in two days:))) How can he be talented? Of course playing 7th match in 8 days plus an injury aren't an excuse for Rafa to be eliminated because although he played many matches from the beginning of previous week he played a very good match and fought till the end but it can safely be an excuse for not converting those many break and match points. This is why he lost. The another reason for Berdych to win that match is he got very angry to Rafa because of the Bastad final (he declared this with telling about the will to play Rafa in the hardcourts because he clearly knows he has no chance against him in the clay like everybody:)))) so he got extra motivated against him yesterday evening. That is why; although he was not healthy and seen as fatigued; he somehow saved those break and match points just not want to lose him again. I think till next year with facing one of the 3 musketeers (I love this nick:)))) he will not be seen in the tennis courts... Bye bye Berdych :wavey:
Note: I hope he plays a well rested and injure free Rafa in the U.S Open. Rafa will show him how an ass is kicked. I am eagerly waiting for the day that Rafa will kick and crush his ass in this year's U.S Open...
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the thing is they played more than 3 hours last nite, and when they finished almost midnight! he has 15 to 16 hours to recover before the next match

i will give him a little bit more credit...
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