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Berdy answered fan's questions online on Wimbledon's Facebook page a little earlier today :cool:
F = Fan
TB = Tomas (a.k.a. TommyBabe :p)

F: do you think you are capable of finishing this year in top 4 ?
TB: That's what I'm trying to do since the beginning of the year

F: Who is the designer of ur awesome and superb outfits ?
TB: Design team from H&M

F: What in your opinion is the most boring thing about tennis?
TB: The waiting time in between matches

F: How many hours do u practice in a day?
TB: Depends which part of the season it is

F: Best memory from your childhood?
TB: When i got my first tennis racket
TB: and I am living my childhood

F: Have you tried the famous strawberries at Wimbledon yet?
TB: Yes I did, and love them

F: How are you so handsome and talented? You've gotta have a weakness in there somewhere. What do you think it is?
TB: I am scared of heights

F: Which slam do you think you have more chances to win??
TB: I would not mind, either of them
TB: but probably not the French if Rafa is still around

F: Who is your best friend on the circuit?
TB: My tennis racket

F: Hi tomas, do you think height matters in tennis?
TB: No every player needs to deal with the strengths and weaknesses

F: Do you think Roger Federer has another Grand Slam in him?
TB: Yes. I think he still has a pretty good chance.

F: What is your favourite thing about being a tennis player?
TB: The feeling after a winning match

F: How much do you hate ice baths?
TB: I love it! I had one yesterday.

F: Most embarrassing moment on court?
TB: Each time you loss.

F: What was till now the toughest player you played against?
TB: Rafa

F: If you weren't a tennis player, what would you be?
TB: Since I was playing tennis, i was 5 years old, it's hard to think about other things but if i had to choose I'd be a rockstar

F: Who is the funniest player on the tour ?
TB: Fabio Fognini

F: How do you stay positive?
TB: I'm a very positive guy naturally

F: How do you feel there in London?
TB: I love London. It's a great city in summer and winter.

F: Can you come to my birthday party this weekend?
TB: Where is it?

F: favourite food and drink?
TB: I love Japanese cuisine and if I can I like a good glass of wine. Red or white, it doesn't matter as long as it's good.

F: Hi! What/who motivates you the most?
TB: Winning the matches and always to set small goals which i want o achieve

F: Which other game do u like??
TB: I like to watch Ice hockey and football but I stay with my tennis

F: Who is ur inspiration?
TB: My parents in the beginning of my career

F: How are you feeling now after your first round? What are you going to do today? Have you got a practice today? Or relaxing?
TB: Going to practice, a little bit of gym and then rest.

F: Hi Tom, do you have some rituals before the game?
TB: It's not rituals it is all about routine

F: would you rather have no phone for a day or no tennis racket for a day! good luck at Wimbledon
TB: No tennis racket!

F: Hi Tomas, What do you do during the tournament when you do not play ?
TB: Practicing resting and preparing for the next match

F: who do you want to play in the final with?
TB: Someone I can beat

F: Don't you follow English premier league? If so what team do you follow ?
TB: Yes I do. Manchester United. Wayne Rooney is my favourite player

F: your all time favourite player???!
TB: Tennis?

F: What were you thinking when you pose naked for the photo shoot?
TB: The first 10 minutes it was a strange feeling but then I enjoyed it all day. I'd do it again but it wouldn't have the same result.

F: What's your usual prematch meal?
TB: Very simple plain pasta

F: what has been your most enjoyable/important tennis victory?
TB: Winning our first David Cup

F: What is your key to success?
TB: Daily routine that I have been keeping for many many years

F: How do you manage the pressure with the media? By the way, your my favourite player!
TB: I handle it quite well

F: if i ask for discripe ur self in one word ,what well be ?
TB: impossible

F: Do you consider Wimbledon the most prestigious Tournament ??
TB: Yes I do

F: Which current player do you respect most?
TB: Roger Federer

F: Do you prefer grass , quick indoor or clay ? because even if you seems to have more sensations when you play in indoor your better result is on grass ..
TB: Medium slow hard court

F: Play naked Tomas
TB: No! Everything has some limits.

F: whats your favorite grand slam?
TB: Wimbledon for sure

F: What has been your favourite match that you've played at Wimbledon?
TB: 2010 quarter final beating Roger

F: how do u feel baout ur performance lately?
TB: I feel good on court everything is going well so far

F: Hi thomas describe the feeling when you walk out on centre court at wimbledon? #wimbledon
TB: It's always a very special feeling. Even if it's my 11th year.

F: do you want to win the tittle?
TB: That's why I'm here.

TB: Thank you for so many questions. I'm off to practice now!

:) :) :)

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