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07.15 am - Wake up :(
08.15 am - Departure for the players' hotel
09.00 am - Arrival :)

Today, another day, the main objective is to have a picture with Fernando Gonzalez and I got the pic !!!!!!!!! You'll think that it's not complicated to have a pic with Gonzalez, as he's one of the nicest guy on tour. The problem doesn't come from him but from me, cause I'm very shy and for me, it was a big achievement to go and ask him for a pic and to talk to him. So, now, it's done :banana: My friend, Aurélie, helped me and I thank her very very very much :hug:

So, here's the report about Gonzalez (posted in the Gonzo forum) :

I got my picture with Fernando, YESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!

And, I'm so happy :banana:
As I said yesterday, this morning, with my friend, we went to the players hotel, we weren't the first ones to arrive, they were the same persons as yesterday evening, so I was very anxious. So, we decided to stay apart from them, because we didn't want to be compared to them. But, when they saw us in that part, they decided to come closer I think we've waiting for 30 minutes, I recognised Fernando in the hall of the hotel, so I said to my friend to take my camera and I started to go slowly to the entrance, because I wanted to be the first one. As I'm very shy, I think it was a real achievement, cause I've waiting for 14 years to have my pic for Thomas Enqvist, so I didn't want to wait until his 30 to get mine with Gonzo. So, when he came out with his physical trainer (Horacio doesn't seem to be in Paris), I spoke to him in spanish to attract his attention cause I fell the girls behind me and ready to jump on him

So, he stopped, and I said : "es posible...", I think he saw that I was a bit nervous, so he looked my friend and said "si", I fell a moment of loneliness then, I gave him an envelope with three pics I took in Kitzbuehl this year (were enlargements) + a letter I wrote in spanish to explain him about the website, the forum, to wish him good luck etc.. . So, he was very surprised and said "thank you very much" with his great smile, his eyes were shining. I enjoyed that moment a lot, I didn't pay attention of what happened around I have to admit. Then, I congratulated him for his fantastic week in Basel and wished him good luck for Paris. He said "thank you" and left. I was the only one who got the pic cause then, he entered in his car. So, when you don't jump on the players, you can have those special moments
An unforgettable moment

I know another Fernando fan who was waiting outside today, she sent me a sms, she saw him very fast, cause he had to run. So, I think I had the best tactical.

Next time, I'll try to be less shy cause he's a very nice guy. I hope he didn't think I was stupid, when I was unable to speak at the beginning. At least, he saw that he got a real fan in the area.

So, the others players we saw at the hotel : Guillermo Coria, he was very mean with the fans. You can say no, but not so spitefully. I had nothing against him, but since a few weeks, many things happened, the things he said about Gonzalez even if Gonzo said the truth, and now the behaviour with the fans. Don't think that among those fans, they were real fans of him, maybe only persons who wanted to have a pic. I hope there were no real fans, because it can break your dreams this kind of behaviour, even if the fans knew that he's stupid. I'm glad that he lost today :banana:

Nikolay Davydenko : nobody paid attention to him, so he waited peacefully his car and went to practrice

Arnaud Clement : one of the Frenchmen we saw. He was ok but didn't seem to be wake up :lol: He accepted the photos (don't know how he'll look like LOL). There was also his brother, who look like him a lot.

Jarkko Nieminen : like Davydenko

Fabrice Santoro : nice with people (hopefully, we are in France)

Ivan Ljubicic : he signed and accepted pictures

Fernando Verdasco : very nice with his fans (only girls lol), and most of all very patient, cause they are a bit excited. It's maybe one of the nicest spanish players.

Nicolas Mahut : One pic with a fan

Mariano Puerta : he refused to sign and take pictures, yesterday, he accepted. Maybe, he was thinking about his match this afternoon.

Cedric Pioline : the former french player and he's now, the director of the tournament. I still don't like him, too pretentious.

Juan-Carlos Ferrero : you'll be surprised but I'm going to say nice things about him. He has been very very nice with the fans, and also very patient, cause he got maybe the most hysterical fans. He accepted to sign and take pics, and then had a drink somewhere in the Bercy Village, then, he came back, and that time, he only accepted once to sign, hopefully for him. It's the JCF mania this year because.... Nadal is not here ???

Nestor and Knowles, double players : nobody paid attention to him

The Rochus brothers with their girlfriends : they rent a car and got problems to put the suitcases in, so it was a bit funny to watch :)

Tommy Haas : my friend was very happy :) He walked around with his girlfriend, nobody disturbed them. Strange cause he's a cute guy and can be interesting for the teenage girls :)

Gaston Gaudio : very nice guy :yeah:

Vince Spadea : Someone requested a photo. His look is funny, he was wearing a baggy trousers, a Guns n roses t shirt and a white cap, very fashion :lol:

Then, we decided to go the stadium cause we wanted to have a look on Verdasco's match. Just before, we stopped in front of the players' entrance, and we saw the Swedish players : Thomas Johansson and Jonas Bjôrkman, who signed autographes :)
We saw Puerta leaving the stadium at the same time, he was running, so nobody had the time to ask him something. So, he was really stressy by his match.

As the order of play was not great (for us) on the centre court, we spent all our day on the court 1. It was less crowd and the atmosphere is better, it's a small crowd.

Verdasco-Lappenti : Scary match. Hopefully Verdasco won. He has been supported by his fans, many spanish flags today.

Mahut-Lisnard : French match. I "slept" :zzz: And, we got 3 sets !!! Was terrible !!!

Puerta-Djokovic : boring matches with those long rallies from Puerta. Hopefully, Novak won in the tie break of the second set, i wouldn't have accepted a third one

Massu-Mirnyi : Sad for Massu :( ,I hope he'll be back in a good shape in 2006.
Max is a very good player and has an interesting game. I enjoyed watching him. And, a very nice guy

I'm still waiting the program for tomorrow. But, i'm sure that the matches will be very interesting. Fernando Gonzalez is playing tomorrow, so it will be the big attraction for me, hope he'll win. He still have chances for Shanghai.

Be back tomorrow for my last full day in Bercy :(

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nice report val!! thanks :hug: hope you have a great time tomorrow :yeah:

Vamos Mandy :)
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Thanks for your report, I had fun reading it, it sounds like you had a great day :) Have fun again tomorrow!

Miss Fabray
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Great report! :yeah:
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