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07.00 AM : Wake up
08.15 AM : Departure for the hotel. With Aurélie, we decided to go to the hotel again just to have a look :)
09.00 AM : Arrival at the Bercy Village. I'm waiting my friend. I'm in advance as often :lol:
09.15 am : My friend arrives and we go to the hotel. We are not the only ones :lol:
No big goal today, so we decide to seat on a bench and to look around.

30 minutes later, we see Fernando Gonzalez :banana: Happy I am !!! The car stops just in front of us so we have a nice view :) Fernando made one pic with someone, i think a young boy but I'm not sure. Horacio is there. First time i see him since monday. Fernando puts his bag in the car and enters in (next to the driver). Even if Fernando is playing 10 hours later, he decides to practrice very early in the morning.

There are also : Fernando Verdasco, he's playing the first match and he's still very surrounded :lol:, JCF, Robredo, french players (Mathieu who got the big bus only for him, Clement, Santoro), one of the Bryans brothers, Davydenko (nice, he took a pic with a girl who got a spanish flag on her :lol:), Former french player and director of the tournament Cedric Pioline. His driver was strange, and we wonder if Cedric will arrive safe in the stadium :lol:
Gaston Gaudio is there, quiet as usual and very nice.
My friend is happy, Tommy Haas is going to walk alone around the hotel :banana: No one runs after him.

At 11am, we decided to leave to the stadium, we wanted to watch a couple of matches even if the day will be the longest day of the tournament for us, as our both players play in the evening session. So a very stressy day !!!

So, the first match is Verdasco-Ginepri. Ginepri won. Was a very good match from him.
Then, we decided to stay on the Centre court with :

Clement-Robredo, with the crowd against Robredo, of course. We were both for Robredo :)
Glad that Robredo won

Santoro-Gaudio, same story as the match before. Glad for Gaston :)

Roddick-Dent, the most boring match, sooooooooo long !!! At one moment, we have to walk outside the court, cause we started to have some cramps. My friend drinks a cup of coffee. I'm eating a croissant I bought in the morning, it's more than 7pm. Finally, the match ended with a victory for Roddick, 7/6 in the third. Then, there are some animations from Adidas. They throw t shirts in the crowd. And, finally we got the match Gonzalez/Mathieu !!

We decide to go on the corner of the stadium, cause there are less people and we wanted to show our flag. But, apparently, the TV didn't see us :(
So, to introduce the players, we have loud music and Fernando is the first player to enter on the court :), then, comes Mathieu. I make some videos, try to take a few pics.The match starts, both players are impressive on their serve, so we think that it's going to go very fast. Unfortunately not. Gonzo makes some faults (double faults, some balls out). Mathieu is very motivated in front of his crowd. Hopefully, in the second set, Gonzo played better. The third set was totally scaring, and gonzo lost the match. We were so sad :( I have to admit that i expected a victory for Gonzo but I was a bit anxious because he played so well in Basel, I wasn't sure that he would be able to continue on the same way here.

Around us, there was one man for Fernando, and also one girl, I knew later that I was chatting with her on msn, but she didn't ask us if we were Valérie and Aurélie. So, funny when she told me on thursday that she were sitting next to us :lol:
So, Fernando's fans were sitting at the same place and the court is very big, that's funny.

Then, we decide to change seats and to watch Tommy Haas/Nalbandian. I wasn't confident for Tommy because the first match was not a very good match, and Nalby is a top player. But, Haas won easily and on time to have metros to come back at home :) Danke Tommy :)

So, when he finished his match around 11.15 pm, we left at home. My friend waited her father, and I came back with the metro. I arrived at midnight at home. I had lunch and watched the match on tv (at 1am), because the French tv re-showed the match. So, I think i went to bed around 3am. At 8am, I had to get up to go to work :( :( But finally got up at 8.30 am :)

It was tought to go to work. When you are in a tennis tournament, you are totally cut from the world, you even don't watch the news on tv when you come back. So, it's back to reality and it's difficult especially if you have spent so nice moments.

Bercy will remain a great tournament, even if Fernando lost, but I keep the memories off the court :)

Now, I have to plan my tournaments for next year !!!
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